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Feb 4, 2023

January 5, 1935 - Kansas City, MO - Who was the man in Room 1046 of the President Hotel?  More importantly, who killed the man in this room that day?   The man checked into the hotel under the name Roland T. Owen, but had used other aliases including Eugene K. Scott and Cecil Warner.  It wasn't until several years after his death when the case had went cold that he was identifed by his mother as Artemus Ogletree.  He was found by a bellhop in the room naked on all fours, covered in blood with stab wounds and a skull fracture.  When asked who did this to him his response was "Nobody".  When it was annouced that he would have a pauper's funeral, someone called the funeral home saying he needed a proper burial and would send money.  Flowers were delivered to the funeral with a card reading "Love Forever Louise".  

To this day, the murder has been unsolved and ends up being more questions than answers in the case of Who was the man in Room 1046.  

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