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Jul 11, 2022

December 5, 1945 – Navy Lieutenant Charles Taylor, a highly decorated combat pilot and flight instructor took a group of planes out on a training run south of Florida.  The planes collectively were known as “Flight 19”.  The planes were to leave Ft. Lauderdale drop bombs 56 nautical miles out in the ocean then complete a flight pattern returning to Ft. Lauderdale.  Multiple radio communications are documented showing compasses stopped working, the highly trained pilots lost their bearings and could not determine where they were at.  They reported being lost in a storm but no storm was in the area except far west of Florida.  Despite being asked to change frequencies to an emergency frequency, Lt Taylor refused.  Safety measures of flying toward the sun or at a heading of 270 were also not implemented for unknown reasons.  The last communications with Flight 19 were from Lt. Taylor saying that when a plane got to 10 gallons of fuel they were going down together.  No evidence of any of the planes from Flight 19 was ever found. 

Was this a case of pilot error, the Bermuda triangle, or a government project? Join Ben and Tom as they dissect the case of the Disappearance of Flight 19.

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