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Will Continue To Monitor

Feb 21, 2022

** Trigger Warning - In this episode, we discuss incestous relationships and graphic descriptions of murders of children.  **

On March 31, 1922, The Gruber family was killed on their farm in Bavarian Germany.  The farm was called Hinterkaifeck.  Those murdered include Andreas and his wife Cazilla, their widowed daughter Viktoria and her small children Cazilla and Josef and also their maid Maria who started work that very day.

The bodies were found on April 4 after a search party went looking for them.  It also appeared that whomever killed the Gruber family lived in the home and cared for the livestock during that time.  

Join us as we go over the background of the Gruber family, the facts of the crime, and then break down the suspects in this unsolved murder mystery... with a twist ending. 

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