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Will Continue To Monitor

May 21, 2022

After an unscheduled break due to an acute illness we are back in the saddle with an all new episode. 

In December of 1900, the ship, Archtor, was off the coast of the Flannen Isles in Northern Scotland in treacherous waters.  The lighthouse that normally guided them safely was not lit.  After docking at their scheduled landing several days later, they notified the Northern Lighthouse Board.  A ship was set sail for the Flannen Isles and when it arrived a week later (delated because of weather) the three experienced men manning the lighthouse had vanished and there was evidence of a storm on the west dock of the lighthouse; while the east dock was relatively untouched.  The Northern Lighthouse Board superintendent, Robert Muirhead had described the damage as “difficult to believe unless actually seen”. 

Join Ben & Tom as they speculate and try to dispel some myths of what happened to the men at the Flannen Isles lighthouse on this episode of Will Continue To Monitor.

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