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Apr 9, 2022

On August 20, 1966, Manoel Pereira da Cruz and Miguel Jose Viana were found deceased on Vintem Hill outside of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  The men were found wearing formal suits, waterproof rain coats, and with crudely cut lead masks covering their eyes (like sunglasses).  Beside their bodies were an empty water bottle, a packet containing two wet towels, and a notebook.  The notebook had various notes from their employment as electrical technicians but also had a cryptic note that read, “16:30 be at the specified location 18:30 ingest capsules after the effect protect metals await signal masks”.  The men were known to be scientific spiritualists.  Because of a delay of several weeks before autopsy, the reason the men were there and the cause of death has never been solved.  In the investigation, law enforcement found another case of a man from Brazil on a hill, wearing a formal suit and a lead mask that happened in 1962.  This man was also a scientific spiritualist. 

Join Tom and Ben as they dissect the case of the Men on Vintem Hill.  And in a WCTM first, after we got done recording we came up with a theory that was good enough we felt we had to roll tape again, so we include a 5 minute epilogue with our new theory of their death.

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