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Will Continue To Monitor

Jan 12, 2022

On February 19, 1994, Gloria Ramirez presented to a ER in Riverside, California for heart palpitations and had late stages of cervical cancer.  Upon drawing her blood, multiple healthcare workers became ill, passed out, or had effects after being exposed to her blood.  Ultimately, the hospital evacuated the ER and 23 members of the healthcare team became ill and several were admitted to the hospital for complications. Sadly, shortly after arrival Ms. Ramirez was not responding to treatment and life saving measures were unsuccessfully attempted.  Because of the vast number of ill from exposure to her blood, she became known as the "Toxic Lady" by the media. 

Was it an odd chemical reaction in a perfect storm or was it just mass hysteria as ruled by the Department of Health and Human Services?  We delve into these and many other questions on this replay of a medical mysteries episode of Just Some Podcast. 

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