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Will Continue To Monitor

Jul 30, 2022

October 1870 – Several families moved to rural Labette County, KS as part of the Homestead Act.  One of those families was a German immigrant family known as the Benders.  John, Sr (Pa); Elvira (Ma); John Jr; and Kate.  As their homestead was along the Osage trail for those travelling west, they set up a small store and inn for weary travelers.  Sadly, for some of those travelers it would be their final stop.  The Benders became the first serial killers in America and likely one of the only families of serial killers.  In part 1 of the 2 part episode, we lay the foundation of the Benders in Labette County and how after likely killing multiple people their luck of not getting caught had ran out.  But days before their grisly crimes were discovered, the Benders vanished. 

Join Ben and Tom of Part 1 of the Bloody Benders on this episode of Will Continue to Monitor.

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