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Will Continue To Monitor

Apr 4, 2022

5 young men from Yuba City, affectionately known as "The boys" by their family, went to a basketball game in Chico, California on February 24, 1978.  This was the last anyone would ever see them again.  Their vehicle was found on a mountain road in Plumas National Park, some 70 miles from Chico and not on the road home to Yuba City.  Sadly, 3 of the 5 guys bodies were located in the forest.  The 4th, Ted Weiher, was located in an encampment trailer approx 20 miles from where the vehicle was located.  Despite having food for over a year in the trailer, it was ruled that Ted had been in the trailer for about 8 weeks before succumbing to hypothermia and starvation.  The 5th man, Gary Mathias, has never been located.  

Listen to the facts and our theories on what is known as "American Dyatlov Pass"