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Will Continue To Monitor

Mar 7, 2022

In the 1980s, 117 Cambodian refugees in the United States woke up startled and screaming out in their sleep and then died.  Though this phenomenon has many names in Southeast Asia, in the US it is known as Sudden Unexplained Nocturnal Death Syndrome (SUNDS).  

In this episode, we focus on this condition in this refugee population after being driven from their homes from genocide.  We examine the common thoeries behind SUNDS at the time and why so many refugees became terrifed to go to sleep. We also look at some medicl hypothesis into the pathology of SUNDS and the current hypothesis scientists have after 100 years of studying SUNDS. 

SUNDS in the US also spawned a multi-million dollar, very well known movie franchise.  FInd out which one at the end of the show. 

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